Research Products: Scientific Paper References

Research Products: Scientific Paper References

We appreciate the time and effort that researchers put into their work and are always pleased to play our part in supporting the scientific community.

After 30 years of providing high quality antibodies, antigens and reagents to researchers, our immunological products have been credited in a large number of scientific papers in various different fields of research.

We have gathered some of this data and made it available through individual product pages, so you can see where other researchers have used our products.

Any product page that has a 'References' button has links to the relevant scientific papers it has been published in. To find these follow the steps in the image below.

Links to some of our clinically referenced products:

Anti-IgG4 HRP Anti-Uromucoid IgG1K Antigen


If you would like to know more about our product references please CONTACT US for more information.