Antibodies to Hepatitis D

Antibodies to Hepatitis D

Hepatitis D is a rare form of the liver disease which is only ever seen in tandem with hepatitis B, or as secondary infection passed by person infected with HBV. Infection can often cause more rapid deterioration of the liver increasing the speed of cirrhosis and the risk of cancer.

As such, hepatitis D is widely controlled by vaccination for hepatitis B, although World Health Organisation estimations currently have between 15 and 20 million people worldwide living with the condition.

Due to the severe nature of the coinfection or superinfection with HBV there is a higher likelihood of liver failure and cirrhosis for those affected with the disease.

Immunologicals offer 3 monoclonal antibodies to Hepatitis D, covering the full range of epitope recognition.

We also offer recombinant antigens to the 2 major HDAg proteins.

These product have proven utility in ELISA assays and are easily adaptable to other applications.

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Anti-Hepatitis D M8.13

Anti-Hepatitis D

Anti-Hepatitis D

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