Immunologicals Business Closure

Details on the business closure

Yersinia Enterocolitica Antigens to Major Serotypes

Details of our HQ antigens to O:3, O:8 and O:9 serotypes

Immunologicals at Medica 2019

Details of our attendance to the Europe's biggest medical tradeshow

Antibodies to Hepatitis D

Learn more about HDV and our range of antibodies

Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus Antigens

Premium antigens to the widespread TBE virus

Immunologicals at AACC 2019

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Jargon Busting! A guide to Industry Terms

Demystifying common life sciences industry terms and acronyms

Hepatitis C Monoclonal Antibodies

Our range of products targeting HCV

Seasonal Greetings!

A look back at 2018, and a look forward to 2019

New Products: Infectious Disease Positive Plasma Parameters

Check out our latest human plasma products

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